Ten Qualities of a Good Leader
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Ten Qualities of a Good Leader

good leader

It is a moot issue whether leaders are born or created but one thing is clear that there are certain character traits which help an individual to become a great leader. The last century has witnessed some of the greatest of all world leaders. These leaders have always shaped our society in past and will help to shape our future also. A great leader is always a boon to society.

What all it takes to become a good leader? Here are ten qualities which can make an individual a good leader.

1. A leader should be Commendable and Exemplary. A good leader should be trustworthy so that people can follow him. He/she should live his life with honesty and integrity. He/she should live a life such that nobody can question his character.

2. A good leader is always enthusiastic about the cause of the people. He/she must have the capability to see what is good or bad for the people in the long run. He/she approaches a problem in a holistic manner and never believes himself/herself different from his people and subject.

3. A leader believes in discipline. He/she follows an orderly manner and routine but still he/she is tolerant. He/she takes decision keeping emotions and personal matters aside.

4. A leader has excellent logical and analytical skills. He/she looks each and every aspects of the situation before arriving to any decision and never loses his/her temper in difficult situations. He/she should think positively in each and every situation.

5. A leader should always focus towards his goals, what he/she has envisioned for and promised to his people. He/she should take each and every decision keeping in mind the people and his subject.

6. A great leader is proactive and committed to excellence. He always maintains high standard and acts as an idol for his/her followers. His/her personal and public life both are remarkable and stain free.

7. A leader inspires his team to achieve target and lead them to success. He/she brings best out of them in the time of crisis also.

8. A good leader is the one who can give people voice and direction.

9. A leader should be tolerant of uncertainty and should always remain tranquil, composed and persistent to his/her goals.

10. A good leader always keeps a cool head in times of crises and finds solutions to get everybody out of any difficult situation.

Some qualities discussed above are naturally present in individuals, right from the time of birth and some others are developed with experiences. The characteristics discussed can be strengthened and developed to become a good leader.

Joe Daley

CEO and Logo Designer at Logomyway.com - top logo design services

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Comments (7)

agood leader is some one who is authorised by the society to be the head of them.

and there some qualities to be consindered when they are choosing a leader.

This article might be better titled "Ten Qualities of a Good Leader....in a Democracy". Sun Tsu would have executed this person and half of their followers, especially the "uncertain one". This article is useful if it is kept within a certain political arena. It wouldn't work in every situation.


Thanx 4 tha good advice

really nice one! enjoyed reading it and buzzed it up :)

I enjoyed this. Nice job!

onneile mmereki

thnx 4 da info i enjyd tht


Yes, these are the most important qualities of a good leader. We must keep these in mind, if we want to have success at work. I learned some great things at Leadership training Toronto camp, where they said that communication and listening are the most essential skills.