Leadership: Teaching and Training for Success. Who Do You Lead?
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Leadership: Teaching and Training for Success. Who Do You Lead?

Whether you believe it or not we are all leaders. Some of us lead a few and some of us lead thousands. How you carry yourself and what influence you have on those around you will make the difference on which way you are leading your own sphere of influence. Good or Bad.

Most everyone in our microwave society wants a prescription for success. Things like; “The 10 Steps to A Better Life” or “Five Ways to become a Millionaire”. I don’t know if those are real titles of books or articles. I wasn’t trying to poke fun at any project directly; I just made up a few fictitious examples. Anyway, our lives are full of quick fix ideas. Even our healthcare has dissolved into one prescription drug after another. I can’t sleep, there is a pill; I can’t stay awake, there is a pill. Please don’t misunderstand me I am not taking shots at science or medicine either, I am simply making the point that most of society has the attention span of about five minutes and if I can’t get done fast or fix it fast, on my own then I want someone or something to do it for me.

So, this brings me to my topic. All over the world people are looking for the attributes and traits of a leader. What does it take to be an influencer? Can I mimic the characteristics of a leader and make myself successful? What do real leaders look like? Do you have to lead thousands to be respected? I am here to say that we are all leaders. What? I hear you scoffing in disbelief. The question is not; Are you a leader but who are you leading?

I mean are you leading those around you and if you are then are you leading them in the right direction? We all have a specific sphere of influence. That sphere is full of people we know and people that know us. Trust me there is a difference. The people that we know; friends, children, parents, co-workers and such and the people that know us, your parent’s friends, your children’s teachers, or your co-worker’s families. This is not an exhaustive list but you get the picture. You have the power to influence the people in your sphere of influence and because of that they have the power to influence those people in their sphere. Have you ever suggested a movie to someone that you recently viewed? Have you ever given a recommendation to someone for particular restaurant, either good or bad?

These are examples of how you might influence their decisions. Well, don’t look know, but you are leading them. If your opinion affected their decision, then you have led them to make that decision. Maybe you talked to someone in a grocery store about how bad the weather looks. Then they leave the store and go home to see the forecast and tell their family. Maybe they never mention the conversation they had with a complete stranger in the store. If you’re not careful you might actually lead someone on purpose.

You lead people every day, some of you lead many and some lead few. Some of you lead on purpose and some of you simply lead by example. Leading by example can be transparent too. Have you ever volunteered? That is leading. You have shown those around you and those you helped that there is something more important to you than simply relaxing on your free time. Your acts might actually affect the response of someone else later. Maybe it is as simple as a smiling at someone on the street and unknowingly making them smile which is just what they needed to brighten their day. Now, I suppose that I have to admit that the books on success and leadership that talk about the traits of a leader are written with an expectation that the reader wants to lead a group or a company.

The truth is the concept, as simple as it sounds, is the same. A good leader, or someone that can lead others, is someone that can create an environment that fosters others to lead as well. If you have a dream or a vision and you can get others to believe in the dream as passionately as you, then they will work with you and not just work for you. Then they can inspire their team to the same dream and depending on how big the group or company that is the trickledown effect you are looking for. You want everyone involved to want it as badly as you, you want everyone to see the vision and work on the why not just the what. If you can affect people’s live in a way that makes a difference to them then they will feel empowered to do the same to those around them. What a great world that would be if we concentrated on leading those close to us, that are in our personal sphere of influence and quit concentrating on leading those that we may or may not know already.

Make a difference in the life of someone that matters to you by making the choice to lead them, even if it is in a small way, every day. Start right now.

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