Characteristics of a True Leader (Be an Effective Leader)
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Characteristics of a True Leader (Be an Effective Leader)

Do you have what it takes to be an effective leader?

 “It is better to give than to receive” – a leader must not only remember this, but also to keep it in his heart. Giving what’s best is what a true leader does.

A leader must know how to listen. He should always consider suggestions and ideas coming from his subordinates. And when he listens, he must take immediate action for that. There is this leadership training that I attended last November, and I’ve learned many things about real leadership in the said seminar. One speaker said that between the word HEART is the word EAR, and that is our sixth sense – hearing within people’s heart. You must understand their feeling and put your feet in their shoes. In that way, you may get their trust.

A leader must be also broken. So that when he leads, he’ll make everything whole again and that every time that he faces trials, he’ll always have that feeling that makes him serve until his last breath because he’ll always give his best to make everything right again.

Having a servanthood spirit is another characteristic that a leader should possess. Having this spirit encourages us not to give up or get tired in giving service to people. You should not be afraid to make mistakes; it is what a leader must remember. Whole-hearted service is the best thing a leader can give. Because when we give our best, God will always reward us with the best of bests – blessings will overtake your life, breakthroughs after breakthroughs and the desire of your hearts. You see, leadership also has blessings with it.

A leader must also know how to accept criticisms. He mustn’t take those critics as negative, but instead, he must treat those as stepping stones that’s part of his challenge and journey as a leader. He must also use them as lessons in life so that he can improve himself into a better person.

The last thing is that a leader must always set his eyes for the GOAL. Always go for the gold! What is goal setting? It is the process of what you what to achieve and crafting plans to attain the result you desire. When you decide, you must always set your eyes, thought and heart to go for what is best, to go for the GOAL-D. You should have the passion to reach for your highest target. Because when you grasped the thing that you aim, you can tell yourself that you truly are a good leader.

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